Saturday, April 5, 2014

Final of Christmas at Home

Gwen was really excited about this one...

My own superman plaque for my room??????????????????

My kit-kit, she was taking it to set it up in her room....

Roller skates, can't wait to use these around the house or in the basement!

Who is that? Hadley the, evil vampress she called herself.

Spin toothbrush in my stocking?? Amazing. Alvin and the chipmunks...

Someone let a ninja in our house?? These kids love dress up outfits.

New Gabba shirt on and staring at my Kitkit tree. Perfect day for me!

Holiday Blessings

Man look at all those goods?!?!?!? Spoiled kiddos woke up on Christmas morning to all this.

Note pads for the little artist so maybe I can have printer paper sometimes!

The croods, "I love this movie MOM!!"

Look at that dress up hat. Best looking which I've seen!

Parker opening the greatest gift!

A floor puzzle. This will keep us busy for sure!

A hello kitty tree for my room. Oh my goodness!

A supergirl coloring book. WOWZER

Mark and I woke to whispers coming from downstairs. These two, who on any other day have to wake us up in the AM, got up went straight down and started sorting their loot!

So this is the best before shot I could manage since it was all divided up!

Another score, a Yo Gabba Gabba shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A full on tantrum just like you'd expect from a soon to be two year old.

Four Months Later, Christmas Eve

Continuing a tradition I had as a kiddo we open one present the night before Christmas from Mommy and Daddy. Somehow it's always new, fun pajamas which they wear to bed that very night!
The girls get so excited.


 Parker definitely understood how to open gifts this year, it was awesome. She saw her "kit, kit" pajamas and was beside herself stripping her clothes off right away!

Following an immediate change, action shots of them all...

Blessed beyond words.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Xmas in Cincinnati

We met up with Marks family the weekend before Christmas to celebrate the holiday. The ride down we went with bribery tactics to avoid crying and screaming. The result was a huge mess!

Cannot get enought cuddles with this lil, big man. I'm certain there is a smirk there and Uncle Mark looks good holding a little boy!

Parker getting some love from Uncle Jiptz

At Mark's cousins we did a dessert party. This is a sugar crash face....

This is a sugar high face!

Getting love from Aunt Mandie!

All the DeBord babies that could make it that night. What a crew!

Dad might like holding the baby but Parker isn't too happy about this!

Baby doll for my baby doll!

Catwoman and Batman barbie dolls?????? Gwen has gone to heaven!

Our own dollhouse with furniture????????? Great presents!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Christmas Party at Preschool

Fortunately all the girls school parties were on the same day so I sent Hadley on the bus and went with Parker and Gwenyth to Thomas Edison. They had lots of different rooms set up with various crafts, songs, story time, and then the Big Guy at the end.
It was so fun to see Gwen interacting with her kiddos and teachers. She's not the shy little girl I assume she is?!?! Full of surprises these kiddos are.
Parker got distracted by Clifford versus doing the music time...

Gweny was the sleigh sound during the reindeer music.

Next we made little reindeer hats!

Look at those reindeers!

The girls were mesmorized by Santa and listened quietly to his story about baby Jesus.

Zoned in.

Wasn't so certain about getting on the big guys lap...had to feel him out for a little bit initially.

We did it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course no eye contact but progress none the less!

Gwen was not scared. Got right up. Asked for her doll house. Smiled. Then got down. So grown up.

I'm so glad I go to take the day off and spend time with the girls. After this party I dropped these two at the babysitter and then went to Hadley's kindergarten class. We played games galor, I sat in on music class, we ate, and then we played some more. I loved seeing her in her element, and learned I want to go back to kindergarten- it was a BLAST!!! Great holiday time for mom :)

Monday, January 27, 2014


Had this one in the draft pile since the 10th. No clue but here is more of my girls just being girls.

So ready for this crazy hair to be pony tail worthy!!!!